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philippe chambon




       Artist statement       

"Painting for me begins with the blank canvas, and an open question. Nothing is planned or arranged beforehand; the inspiration must come from within, as I remain open to the answers that emerge from the paint itself. My ideas, thoughts, and emotions become colors and shapes as I move across the canvas."

"Being influenced by the Synchromist Movement as well as the work of Kandinsky, I am fascinated by the way different forms of art and creative expression interconnect. Synchromism brings music and colors together on a canvas, the same way a composer arranges notes on a musical score.

"This concept finds its way into my paintings, as they evolve on the canvas. Music playing in the studio doesn't simply set the mood for me; it sparks the flow of raw creativity. I strive for an appreciation of the inner resonance and mystery in my work, and hope I leave enough unsaid for the imagination of the viewer to be fully engaged.

"In my latest series, I explore and play with the tonality of colors. Cooler colors have found their way into my work, establishing a dreamlike, surreal quality, providing an opportunity for calmer introspection. Each canvas compels the eye to take a journey through intricate landscapes of spectrum, rhythm and harmony, dipping in and out of a space at once alien and achingly familiar.

"I am forever grateful to the great abstract masters that have gone before me. Their work freed the artist from the object, opening the door to a daring and exciting world of creative expression. My hope is that the viewer will find their own inner music, hidden somewhere in my paintings."

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